Good Play Guide Founder Doctor Amanda Gummer is a child development expert from the UK with 20 years of experience working with parents and kids (Official partner with Toy Association The STEAM accreditation program). 

After going thorough tests at in-home settings with kids and parents, FUNdamentally Children & Dr Gummer's Good Play Guide said, “The Dream Beams plush toys were very intuitive for children, they are soothing and comforting to hold” and “the children loved the glow-in-the-dark features, especially when they take them to bed”.  

We are grateful for the commendation which only reinforces our commitment to ensure every child wakes up and goes to bed happy, every day. 


“Wow I love it mummy.” - Girl aged 7 

“This is the squiggliest toy ever " – Girl aged 9 

“I’m going to call her Rainbow instead as I love her rainbow colours.” – Girl aged 8 

“I'm going to take my new friend to school” – Girl aged 7 

Additionally, children were fascinated by the Dream Beams’ eyes, which glow-in-the-dark. This unique feature further enhanced their engagement with the toys as the children can have Dream Beams as their sleep companions. 

“Look at the eyes, they glow!" Girl aged 9 

“Its eyes are glowing!” Boy aged 6 

“I scanned the QR code on the label and there were some printable colouring sheets and activities along with a couple of games. My 9-year-old clicked on all the characters to learn more about them.” Parent of a 9-year-old. 


Additionally, the expert said the Dream Beams is inclusive of SEND children, as Dream Beams help relieve stress and comfort the children. It is an excellent choice for children when helping their language development, imaginative play, as well as personal and emotional growth. 

Extracted from Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide Report 



The product has been given an engagement rating of 4/5. The plush toys were intuitive for the children along with being very soothing and comforting to hold, with colourful designs that were very appealing to the children. The Dream Beams toys were also tested with an autistic child, who found the toy very comforting and reassuring. Overall, children really enjoyed having their Dream Beams with them no matter where they went, but also taking them to bed at night.  


Personal, social, and emotional skills 

We found that the children’s interaction with the Dream Beams enhanced their personal, social, and emotional development, particularly by promoting: 

● Attachment 

● Friendship 

● Empathy 

● Comfort & Confidence 

A child’s first relationship outside of their family can often be a soft toy. Humans have an innate ability to recognise and relate to faces - even in inanimate objects. It’s an incredibly healthy opportunity for children to learn how to develop emotional attachment outside of their family and peers. The smiling and friendly face of a Dream Beams toy is an ideal companion for children day and night, literally! 

“Wow I love it mummy.” - Girl aged 7 

The children playing with their Dream Beams toys established quick emotional 

attachments with their new friend, wanting to take them to different places, such as their school. 

“I'm going to take my new friend to school!” – Girl aged 7 

When children select toys as their companion, they develop relationships which help them learn how to take care of more than just themselves, as well as developing empathy and the joy of sharing. Children can learn how to imagine themselves in other’s shoes when they have a friend that can accompany them in different settings to give them more confidence. 

The Dream Beams line can be commended for how engaged and excited children were to play with them, particularly with the glow-in-the-dark feature. The QR code is also a great addition for children and their parents to explore the Dream Beams World further. The combination of both physical, soft toy and digital play fits in perfectly with Dr. Gummer’s recommended Balanced Play Diet, ideal for mental well-being. 



Created by Happy Line Toys, Dream Beams are the cutest and plushiest besties that a child could “squish” for! These glow-in-the-dark friends give emotional support to your little ones! Born in a magical place called Dream Beams World, which is full of colour, hope and happiness - and wherein everyone is special, each character has a special talent and its own personality. But what unites the Dream Beams is one single mission: giving every child have a good night’s sleep. They achieve this by helping children release stress through cuddling and their comforting glow-in-the-dark features. 

In 2022, we will release 40 characters which will be available in three sizes. Check out our full collection and colourful Dream Beams world here: www.dreambeams.com 


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